Dillard Homes Residential Construction, Remodeling and Commercial Construction
Dillard Homes Residential Construction, Remodeling and Commercial Construction

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Finally, you can have a home of your own for about the same price as you may spend on rent. But not just any home ‐ a brand new home that's customized by you and built by one of the area's top builders.

Think renting is your only option? It's not. Think a new home that's as affordable as renting doesn't offer much? It does. In fact, take a look at this side ‐by side comparison and you'll agree ‐ a Dillard Homes home and a comparably priced apartment just don't compare.

Plus, Dillard Homes builds 100% ENERGY STAR™ qualified homes. It starts with energy-efficient construction techniques, and continues into high-efficiency windows, insulation, appliances, landscaping, and much, much more. That's value you won't get with any other builder, and certainly not at any apartment.

If you're ready to kick rent to the curb, then let us be the first to welcome you home.

About Dillard Homes Remodeling


A Dillard Homes home offers everything you need to live in comfort. The difference? It's yours. No more landlord to answer to. No more rules to follow except your own. No more restricting your lifestyle because you don't have the space. And if you think owning one is difficult, think again.


Would you prefer a pre-owned home that you have to adapt to, or a brand new home that adapts to you. With a Dillard Homes home, you customize it to fit your lifestyle, with flexible designs, big rooms, open spaces, and beautiful colors. Energy-efficient building materials and appliances to help you save even more. Plus, the tax benefits you'll enjoy as an owner... well, that's just smart.


When you move in, you get what you deserve ‐ better quality of life, privacy, and plenty of room for you, your family, and friends. And finally, you'll be paying for an investment that benefits you, not some landlord.

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Purchasing a new home is big step, but a rewarding one. Finding the right company to help you on your journey can be difficult. When you contact Dillard Homes we’ll help you every step of the way, with exceptional customer service and genuine care.

We know that we are building the home that you will spend many years in, if not the rest of your life. This is the place where memories will be created. So let us make it the best it can possibly be.

About Dillard Homes Remodeling